Unstruck Ventures + Podcast is a personal transformation and elevated, private coaching realm focused on evolving the (inner) life of tech founders committed to living from a compassionate, joyful and antifragile view.

To be "unstruck" in Eastern and global Indigenous traditions is to be uncorrupted, unharmed, innately good, and regenerative. It speaks to the cosmic force of sound itself as a pure and loving energy, rooted in the heart.

More broadly, Unstruck Ventures exists as a catalyst toward nurturing inner life success and evolving consciousness. First, through direct instruction rooted in experience-driven storytelling and reflection. By exploring the liminal, sacred space of work relationships, regeneration of spiritual wellbeing as a professional is forged. Through investigation of (and dissolving) the boundaries between technology, ethical living, venture capital, human potential, ecology, and artistic practice we become • Unstruck.


inner life success

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Dara Songye is the principal producer, host, and founder of Unstruck Ventures + Podcast. She loves coaching ferociously kind tech innovators and sharing the stories of phenomenal souls toward deepening collective flourishing and joy.


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