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Unstruck Ventures is a personal transformation and private coaching realm focused on evolving the
⋮ inner ⋮ life of tech innovators committed to accelerated spiritual growth and deeper wellbeing.


To be "unstruck" in Eastern and global Indigenous traditions is to be uncorrupted, unharmed, innately good, and regenerative.


It speaks to the cosmic force of sound itself as a pure and loving energy, rooted in the heart.

Inner Life Artisan and Guide

Dara Songye

It's a gift to have you here. I'm a life coach, and the founder of Unstruck Ventures.I view life coaching as a healing, evolutionary, and personal transformation modality, meant to increase self-awareness as we resolve life challenges, benefit others beautifully, discover and activate our innate gifts, and live with unconquerable, love-driven joy.

Coaching Approach

Uncommon, faith-driven innovators thoroughly disrupt and dissolve patterns that prevent them from living an unapologetically joyful life – rooted in passion, deep appreciation, and uncompromising, evolutionary values.The basic endurance to sustain a self-reflective, action-oriented state week-to-week [or day-to-day] is critical.The life systems, rules, and expectations you've been operating in will be uncovered and investigated.Each session is immersive, reflecting the way I've been trained and supported by my own teachers.We'll incite a frank and intimate assessment of your support systems toward fortifying your transformative journey. So that you not only activate inner life success – with a key goal being accomplished as the first step – but you can equally influence others to claim this for themselves, as they support the ones they love and lead.

You are in charge of the outcome. Fresh pathways, practices, and perspective shifts will be offered to ensure you digest, move through, learn and embody new modes of deep living.When you are fulfilled from the work and can run with the discoveries and practices uncovered to enhance your own quality of life [and, the lives of those around you], I know I will have succeeded.

My Guiding Compass

  • Grace is the medicine.

  • Joy is the protection.

  • Polarity is beautiful.

  • Love matters most.

Clients I work best with are aligned with the life view of honoring masculine and feminine polarity uniquely housed in the magnetic joy experienced between men and women. They seek to enhance and deepen within themselves [not destroy] this precious and distinct aspect of our divine nature.Being faith-driven is a cornerstone of this coaching way. Choosing to discover, invoke, deepen and cultivate an [intimate and unique] relationship to Divine Protection, Absolute Goodness, God the Most Merciful as the bedrock of eternal and temporal success in life.As a woman who loves coaching men and women:
I operate my life from the above views of polarity and empowered surrender toward elevating ⋮ ethical ⋮ living within innovative enterprise. I believe our intimate relationships, families, communities and professional alliances are sourced from this taproot, fortifying our own personal transformation and spiritual growth journey.

Training & Experience

  • I am a Robbins-Madanes Trained Coach

  • 20+ year practitioner of meditative and mindfulness training, rooted in the Buddhist tradition

  • Lifelong intuitive

Working with tech startups and founders since 2015
[in past-life roles] unveiled the nuance, sensitivity and
nerve-shattering roller coaster ride innovative leaders navigate daily. I often found myself unofficially coaching teammates and founders in moments of uncertainty and chaos and repeatedly witnessed their relief, shifts and growth – even if my contribution was invisible.
Now, my work is to prepare the ground, open space, and to be a guide in your own self-discovery and regeneration journey.


Each session is rooted in presence-driven, strategic and tactical coaching, paired with direct intuitive guidance and embodied mindfulness practice.Partnering together catalyzes acceleration beyond what was lost, taken, or destroyed. Working together also assists you in confidently enlarging, protecting and sharing the blessings you're here to give, and receive, in new form.Additional benefits recent clients have experienced include the ability to:

  • Resolve longstanding emotional blocks

  • Transform obstructive beliefs and habits

  • Source new levels of physical and mental health

  • Activate dormant artistic skills and potent curiosity

  • Reclaim cultural, ancestral, faith-based traditions toward spiritual renewal

  • Strengthen/mend family relations and their intimate union

The next step

One-to-One Coaching Options

Urgent, life transformative moments reveal the truth of our creativity and character. Coaching you as an uncommon tech innovator through these critically sensitive moments, toward inner life success, brings me the deepest joy.

Private Coaching | Initial Session


Your first full coaching session – at no cost – creating space for us to work together.You'll envision, dream, and explore what inner life goal you want to realize, or unpack the challenge you're committed to resolve.You'll walk away with concentrated insight, an action-driven practice, and a set of spontaneous tools – unique to you – to utilize going forward.We'll meet for 90 minutes, over Zoom video.

  • Includes one-time follow-up support via email

  • Final audio summary of personal themes & resolutions

Private Coaching | 9 Sessions

Initial Fee

Nine [9] sessions, spread over three [3] months.We'll meet over Zoom video.Local Bay Area residents who want to meet in-person: prepare for an outdoor walk, or we'll meet at a neutral office space.

  • Ongoing email support between sessions

  • Final audio summary of personal themes & resolutions

  • What you'll invest and additional details are shared during our initial session

Private Coaching | Long-Term

On Retainer

For committed clients focused on working together, beyond the initial three [3] months.We'll meet over Zoom video.Local Bay Area residents who want to meet in-person: prepare for an outdoor walk, or we'll meet at a neutral office space.

  • Ongoing email support between sessions

  • Final audio summary of personal themes & resolutions


For the audio-curious

By exploring the liminal, sacred space of our inner world, regeneration of spiritual wellbeing is forged. Through investigation of, and dissolving the boundaries between technology, ethical living, venture capital, human potential, ecology, and artistic practice we become · Unstruck.


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